Top Portable Tech Support Tools

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When working with computers and attempting to diagnose and troubleshoot problems you never know what tools you might need. I always carry a memory stick on my keys for that exact reason – and have filled it with useful applications and tools. Some of those tools are invaluable and I use them almost every day. In no particular order, here is a list of my favourite portable, free tech support tools and utilities. Some of these applications will be from … Continue reading

Quick Tip: Unpair the Jam Plus Bluetooth Speaker

I recently picked up the reasonably cheap Jam Plus bluetooth speaker by HMDX from Amazon. I was never expecting the world’s best sound quality but I was pleasantly surprised. For the price it was loud, reasonably clear with respectable bass. No, it’s not perfect and listening through Bluetooth does introduce some hiss but it’s more than acceptable. Anyway, the problem with this device is that it can only pair with one device. If you want to listen to music off … Continue reading

Speed up the Nexus 7 with F2FS and SlimKat

Introduction One of the most popular 7” tablets in 2012, the original Nexus 7 took the industry by storm with its ultra-low price tag and top end specifications. However, as the months passed, users began to report a major issue with the tablet – slowness. The once speedy tablet ground to a halt with apps taking an age to load, long boot times, choppy animations and just general slowness. The issue got worse and worse and many users stopped using … Continue reading

F.Lux – Bright White Cursor Fix

After recently changing my desk setup and finally moving to an external monitor and keyboard I noticed an issue with f.lux. I use f.lux to dim my computer screen and reduce the amount of eye-strain. Since my laptop (Dell XPS 15 L502x) has NVidia Optimus, the laptop will use the NVidia GPU when an external monitor is connected instead of the integrated one. This is fine normally, but it doesn’t seem to work well with f.lux. When the rest of … Continue reading

Delete all taskbar items – Windows 7/8

I recently needed to delete all the pinned taskbar shortcuts on multiple Windows 8 computers on a domain. I couldn’t use a batch file since editing the registry via batch was disabled via GPO. The only option I really had was to write a basic VBS script to do this for me. For reference, the folder that stores the actual .lnk shortcuts is:

and the registry key is:

Below is the VBS file that deletes the shortcut files. … Continue reading

Disqus 0 Comments in WordPress

Whilst installing and configuring the Disqus plugin for this blog, I noticed an issue. On the main page, a comment count is shown next to the post title. Clicking this takes you to the comments on that post. However, the comment count was always showing 0, no matter how many comments were on the post. I could see that the count was loading, because it would briefly show the correct number whilst the site loaded, but once the whole page … Continue reading

Create a Wireless Hotspot/Ad Hoc Network with Windows

After being in an area with only a wired Ethernet port and no WiFi, I wanted a way to connect my phone and tablet to the internet. Fortunately, Windows offers a (well hidden) way to create a personal hotspot, without the need for 3rd party applications. There doesn’t seem to be a GUI version of this, so here’s a batch file I made for it. This is a very simple batch with no error checks or validation or anything, but … Continue reading

Change Notepad++ Run/Launch Options

I use Notepad++ as my primary code editor when doing web and PHP development, and make good use of the Run menu to preview my webpage in different browsers. However, Notepad++ only let’s you launch it in Firefox, IE, Chrome and Safari. I am a big fan of the Pale Moon browser, a fork of Firefox that has been optimised for performance and does away with the new Australis theme which I personally cannot stand. However, that means I can’t … Continue reading

Nexus 7 2012 – F2FS and SlimKat 4.4.4


The Nexus 7 (2012) from Google is a great tablet, but suffers from one well documented issue – slowness. The flash storage in the Nexus 7 is the main cause for it slowing down over time and generally becoming unresponsive and laggy. Whilst there’s nothing you can do about the physical hardware, there are steps you can take to squeeze every last drop of performance out of it. I still use my Nexus 7 as my daily driver tablet – … Continue reading